About CCST Scholarships

Award a $1,000 Scholarship to a Deserving High School Senior

The Basics

Members of the Career Colleges & Schools of Texas (CCST) are proud to finance a $1,000 scholarship for graduating seniors.

Not every young adult can or wants to attend a four-year college. The colleges and schools of CCST offer a broad range of programs — including accounting, industrial arts, electronics, cosmetology, automotive, and medical technology — so there is sure to be a school that meets the needs of most every student.

CCST gives high school counselors the chance to decide which seniors receive the scholarships because we know that educators have insight into the unique need of their students and an intrinsic desire to help their students succeed. There's no catch. The selection of who gets the awards is at the sole discretion of  high school counselors.

Each CCST member school is approved by the State of Texas and maintains high educational and ethical standards. Depending on the course of study, students can receive a diploma or an Associates Degree.

The Rules

  • 10 scholarships per high school campus per calendar year.
  • Only high school counselors may award a scholarship. The career school and high school counselor are both notified when a scholarship is issued. Invalid scholarships will not be honored by the career school.
  • Scholarship recipients must graduate high school in the same school year (September-June) as the issue date of the scholarship. The deadline for awarding scholarships is August 31 of the year that the student graduates from high school.

How to Award a Scholarship

Step 1: Review Career Schools

Search the Member Schools directory. Detailed information about each school will help you match a school to a scholarship recipient. Note that not all member schools participate in the scholarship program, so look for schools with the scholarship indicator.

Step 2: Complete the Award Form

Complete the Award Form to generate a PDF of the scholarship form. Keep track of the students to whom your school awards scholarships. Each campus will not be permitted to award more than 10 scholarships per calendar year.

Step 3: Print and Present the Award

After completing Step 2, the counselor will be able to download a PDF of the scholarship award certificate. The certificate is designed with ample margins to accommodate pre-printed certificate paper or certificate frame.

Step 4: Student Presents Certificate to Career School

Upon application and enrollment in the career school, the student presents the certificate. The career school will verify its authenticity and will fund and apply the $1,000 scholarship.