Sent on behalf of Rex C. Peebles, Assistant Commissioner;
Academic Quality and Workforce Division; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

With the recent announcement that Education Corporation of America (ECA) is closing all its schools, approximately 3600 students at 16 Texas campuses will need options to continue their education. The Coordinating Board would like your assistance.

If you are willing to work with students to transfer into your degree programs, please contact Cathie Maeyaert (512.427.6527) or  We are gathering information to provide to students via our THECB website. Please download this program inventory for each location. We are asking for the following info:

1.       From which campus would you be able to take students? i.e., close to your location;

2.       Which of your programs would potentially match with the programs listed for that campus?

3.       Who and how should students contact your campus personnel?

4.       Any other information which would be helpful to provide to students.

Thank you for your assistance.

Cathie A. Maeyaert, J.D.
Special Projects Director
Academic Quality & Workforce
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board