The following statement is from CCST Executive Director Jerry Valdez:

The Career Colleges & Schools of Texas (CCST) is extremely disheartened by Career Point College’s decision to close its door. However, this closure is just the latest indictment of the federal Department of Education’s attitude towards the career college sector and its disregard for the important role our institutions play in educating our state’s future workforce.

Career Point College, which has been educating Texans for more than 30 years and has one of the highest completion rates in the state, acknowledged that three employees violated rules related to financial aid, self-reported these actions to the Department and provided a plan to repay the funds taken. Yet, because of the current administration’s disdain for the career school sector, the Department decided to severely restrict funding, effectively leaving Career Point with no choice but to shut its doors.

Unfortunately, this decision impacts the lives and futures of 1,400 students enrolled at Career Point, as well as employers who would benefit from the skills gained by these individuals. In addition to consistently graduating its students, last year Career Point students had one of the highest vocational nursing pass rates on the nursing licensing examination (94 percent).

As we stated last month when the Department terminated the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) recognition as a nationally recognized accrediting agency, the current administration has made it a partisan and extremely political priority to arbitrarily target career colleges and universities at every turn.

We hope this decision by the Department is a tipping point to underscore the unfair and biased actions of our current federal regulators. CCST is committed to working with state and federal policymakers to promote regulatory actions that are in the best interests of the students and careers schools that have worked hard to develop business partnerships in their local communities, while continuing to maintain integrity and accountability with their students.