Policy Achievements

CCST has developed an effective relationship over the past several years with the leadership of the Texas Legislature and representatives of the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. This alliance has resulted in:

Legislative Accomplishments

  • Passed legislation updating the refund calculation at the Texas Workforce Commission which will benefit our students and also our AR and Bad Debt!!
  • Passed legislation updating statute to mirror changes made to FERPA in Federal code.
  • Coordinated with legislators to include credit transfer language into legislation that was ultimately defeated at the end of the session (this issue remains a high and primary CCST priority).
  • Defeated legislation that would have installed a $15,000 fee in campus renewal of certificate of authorization.
  • Supported revision of Veterans benefits at Texas institutions.
  • Successfully defeated restrictive Surgical Tech legislation.
  • Successfully defeated restrictive Dental Assistant legislation.
  • Successfully defeated damaging Cosmetology legislation, leaning toward deregulation.

The efforts of the CCST Legislative/Regulatory Committee will continue to focus on leveling the playing field in Texas higher education, enhance public understanding of career college successes and protecting the student’s option to select and succeed in the most appropriate educational environment for them individually.

Regulatory Actions

  • Conferred closely with TWC to reconsider recent proposed changes to placement reporting and remediation associated with shortfalls.
  • Worked closely with regulatory agencies to insure our industry maintained a high sense of integrity during recent revelations of unacceptable activities by a diminutive portion of the industry.
  • Successfully negotiated changes to THECB proposed penalties for schools late on submitting reports. Reduced the potential for a school to lose its degree granting authority.
  • Led negotiated rule changes resulting in THECB recognition of national accrediting bodies which created:
    • ability for Career Colleges in Texas to offer Bachelor and Masters Degree training;
    • ability for Career Colleges to offer Professional Nursing (RN) training;
    • opportunity for reduction of duplicative institutional and program approvals at the THECB;
    • enhanced opportunities for students’ Transfer of Credit
  • Successfully defeated restrictive rules on Workforce Education training programs and faculty (WECM). Allowed for career college graduates to potentially meet the educational criteria to teach in the programs even at public institutions.