2017 Texas Job Demand and Completion Data

Program Name: Licenses Practical/Vocational Nurses*

Total Completions: 3,365 (21% of completions from our sector)     

Job Openings 6,710

Unfilled Jobs: 3,345

* Note that while we are producing less LPNs/Vocational Nurses compared to annual projected openings, Texas higher education institutions may be overproducing Registered Nurses (RNs). Projected annual openings for RNs in TX are 16,030. All TX colleges and universities produced 16,851 in 2017, 821 above demand. 

Program Name: Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician

Total Completions: 3,269 (41% of completions from our sector)

Job Openings 6,080

Unfilled Jobs: 2,811

Program Name: Dental Assistant

Total Completions: 2,430 (73% of completions from our sector)

Job Openings 3,890

Unfilled Jobs: 1,460

Program Name: Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration (HVAC)

Total Completions: 3,063 (37% of completions from our sector)

Job Openings 3,650

Unfilled Jobs: 587

Program Name: Cosmetology and Related Personal Grooming Services

Total Completions: 8,360 (81% of completions from our sector)

Job Openings 8,490

Unfilled Jobs: 130**

**Note that this includes multiple programs including hair stylists, nail technicians, makeup artists and skincare specialists. Overall, Cosmetology in Texas appears on target for meeting job demand. 


  1. Total Completions pulled from Department of Education IPEDS using 2017-18 provisional release data. 
  2. Job Demand found using Projection Central Short Term Occupational Projections (2017-2019) Average Annual Openings.