To Our Membership:

It seems that every year, once New Year’s rolls along, we find ourselves thinking of all the exciting challenges and opportunities awaiting us. In the case of career schools and colleges across Texas, the most sobering reminder is that the legislative session is less than one year away and many of our political friends need our help with the ever-growing cost of campaigns.

That time has come, and they need our help now!

The fastest and most efficient way that you and your colleagues can help is by donating to the Career Colleges & Schools of Texas Political Action Committee (CCST PAC).  Your immediate donation of $1000, $500, $250, or any amount, will assist the CCST PAC in our support of many of our friends. I can assure you our donations are carefully thought through and our dollars are spent strategically.

Below is a link to a contribution form that will allow you to donate by personal check or by credit card. In fact, if you would like to commit to the highest level donation, you can arrange for your contribution to be broken up into two allotments. This convenient method will allow you to show your full support for the CCST PAC, while having some time to pay off your generous contribution.

Realizing your personal, non-corporate, donations are important to our efforts, we have a token of our appreciation to offer you for donations of $500 or more.  As in the past, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions, please contact our CCST lobbyist, Jerry Valdez, at 512-477-1117 or email him.

Thanks in advance for your consideration to the CCST PAC. Together we can continue our success and commit to the strongest possible future for our sector of education.

PAC Contribution Form